How macOS updates work on MHC-owned office computers


Understand the macOS update process for MHC-owned Apple computers.



Software updates from Apple add new features and help keep your computer secure, and notifications can sometimes be missed.

MacOS updates on MHC-owned faculty and staff computers must be initiated by individual computer users. LITS uses a tool called Nudge to help make update notices more visible and provided reminders.

Which computers have Nudge?

All MHC-owned Apple computers running macOS 11 or newer that are assigned to individual faculty and staff will benefit from Nudge.

How does Nudge work?

  • When a new macOS update is ready for widespread adoption, Nudge will activate.
  • At roughly the top and bottom of the hour for at least two weeks (perhaps shorter if there is an urgent security patch) Nudge will display a reminder about the available update and provide one-click access to the System Preferences panel to complete the update.
  • The update can be deferred if the deadline has not been reached (try to avoid selecting "Later" -- that will just defer by 30 minutes at the most).
  • Most updates take 20-45 minutes to complete, so can be completed during a one hour lunch hour or at the end of the working day.
  • When a combination of the deadline and deferral limit is reached, Nudge will go into full screen mode and prevent any activity except completing the update.

Watch a video of Nudge in action!

What do I do if Nudge wants me to upgrade my OS? (not just update)

If you are shown an upgrade to a new version of the operating system but want to stay on the same version for now, follow these simple steps:

  1. You'll see Another update is available with a More Info link underneath.
  2. Select More info and install updates to your current version from the next window.

Help I'm stuck!

If the update check in System Preferences seems to spin and spin and not complete, the software updates mechanism might be stuck. Launch the Self from the Applications folder and browse for and run the Reset Software Updates action, then restart your computer and try the updates again. More on using Self Service.

Can I request an exclusion?

If you have an emergency need to be excluded from Nudging for a short period of time (such as after a vacation where the computer was off when the deadline was reached), contact the Technology Help Desk with the tag number of the device that needs to be excluded and we will help with a temporary extension.

If you have specialized equipment that needs a more permanent exclusion please request a computer management exception



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