Computer management services

What is it?

All computers owned by Mount Holyoke College are required to remain up to date with patches and security settings, with rare exceptions for specialized equipment. To help us reach this goal, we utilize a number of centralized management tools and applications.

How it works

  1. Computers are enrolled in a central management system as part of setup and configuration by LITS field technicians.
  2. Central management services provide application configurations, software installs, workstation security software, and patches.

How are updates provided?

  1. New releases of core applications from vendors are vetted through the MHC Early Adopters program to identify any problems with work or learning at MHC.
  2. If no issues are raised, patches are passed through to the normal patch process and queued until the next maintenance period.
  3. Normal patches are released mid-week in the 3rd and 4th weeks of the month.
  4. Windows users will have patches applied overnight Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  5. Mac users will have new patches advertised via Self Service on Wednesday or Thursday, with a deadline to apply the patches by the weekend. macOS updates are advertised  between 1-3 weeks after release (which varies, since they are not on a monthly schedule).
  6. Users may need to quit and relaunch applications such as Google Chrome or Zoom.


Who can use it?

All MHC-owned computers are managed centrally by LITS systems, with uncommon exceptions for highly specialized uses. 

MHC faculty and staff may request management exceptions for computers that must remain on for research purposes.


How do I get it?

MacOS computers can be either on campus or off campus to receive patches and management updates. Use the Self Service application on your Mac to install available software and perform troubleshooting or maintenance actions.

Windows computers must be on campus or connected to campus via VPN to receive patches and management updates.



Computer management is always happening. 


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Service Offerings (1)

Request centralized software/configuration deployment
Service owners and application managers who need to coordinate updates of software and configurations can request this be deployed via our computer management systems.