Public computer lab information

What is it?

LITS offers computer labs, which can also be used for study, group work, relaxing, sipping a cup of tea, enjoying the company of friends, or reading a good book.

Located across campus in various academic buildings and in each residence hall, the public computer labs that LITS manages, services, and supports offer 400+ computers to the MHC community.  Our labs have both Macintosh and Windows computers available, with the full complement of academic and standard software.


Who can use it?

Computers in public labs require users to log in.

Mount Holyoke students, faculty, staff, and Five College students who have active MHC Accounts (because they're taking a Mount Holyoke class) can log in with their MHC credentials. 

Guests can log in with guest credentials provided by staff at the Technology Help Desk.


How do I get it?

Lab computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis unless the lab space has been booked for a class.

To browse labs in academic buildings, use this map of computer labs on campus that includes:

  • computer availability in each space (both the number of computers total and the number of computers that are not in use)
  • software titles available on each computer
  • information about departmental labs that may not be available to everyone

There are also small computer labs in each Residence Hall for student use.



Lab hours vary, but computer labs are generally open when the building they're in is open and the space hasn't been booked for a class. Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Tech support is available when the LITS Technology Help Desk is open.


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