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Academic & Research Technologies

LMS, data analysis applications, GIS, text analysis, web hosting, media editing applications, VR, citation management tools, and more.

Accounts, Passwords, & OneCard

Logging into your MHC account, password resets, 2-step verification and account security, OneCard accounts & access.

Administrative Systems & Reporting

Administration, support, and implementation of college administrative and data systems (Workday, Colleague, Informer, Business Objects, and more.)

Information Security

Phishing reports, computer and identity protection, and other services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities.

Library Resources & Equipment

Get course reserves, books, articles, archival materials, laptops, chargers, cameras, tripods, projectors, and more.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

Email, calendaring, video conferencing, campus telephones, data storage, and more.

Consultations, Training, & Class Visits

Engage LITS staff for library, teaching, research, archives, EIT Accessibility, procurement, and tech consultations and classroom visits.

Hardware, Software, & Printing Support

Laptop and desktop computers, keyboards, mice, software and more. Print from your computer or mobile device. Make copies or scan to email. Procurement, asset lifecycle management

Spaces to Study & Work

Browse and (where possible) reserve study spaces, carrels, computer labs, meeting rooms, and more.

Student Research Support

Get help brainstorming a research topic, evaluating and using information, and finding and citing sources for a course paper, thesis project, or archival research project.

Wi-Fi & Internet Access

Connect your devices to the campus network via wifi, ethernet, or VPN.

Services (2)

AskLITS portal feedback

Have feedback about the AskLITS portal? Let us know!

General support / get help

Not sure where to start or just need some general help? Use this service to connect with LITS staff to get your questions answered.