How to pause Windows updates


Windows is sometimes ready to install updates before you are. Follow the instructions below to pause Windows updates on your MHC-owned computer if you find that your work might be interrupted.


  1. Go to the Windows/Start menu

  2. Select the Settings (gear) icon

  3. Go to Windows Update (type in the search bar, or go to Updates & Security)

  4. In Windows updates, choose to "Pause updates for 7 days" - or - select Advanced options and in the next window under Pause, choose the date to resume 

You can unpause the updates at any time before the pause period ends. It's important to pause the updates for the shortest period possible -- we have already built a testing delay into the delivery of Windows updates to your computer, and additional delay means that your computer is vulnerable to security problems that are fixed by the updates. Most updates can complete during a lunch hour, so that's a good time to allow updates to run, or as the last thing you do before stopping work for the day.

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