Email group requests

What is it?

Mount Holyoke uses Google Groups for email group or email list services. Email groups allow users to send messages to and share files with multiple users at once based on group membership. 

MHC maintains several College-wide email groups for broad communication (ex. or Users can also create their own email groups or request LITS to create groups for them.  


Who can use it?

  • Email groups can be configured to be visible/join-able/message-able by the general public, only people with MHC email addresses, or only group members
  • Anyone with an MHC account can create their own email groups
  • Faculty and staff can request email groups 


How do I get it?

Follow Google's instructions to set up a Google Group with the format ""

If you want a group that follows the format "" (no -g) then use the "Request Email Group" button on this page.



Email group messaging and self-service email group creation are available 24/7.

Requests are fulfilled and tech support is available for email groups when the Technology Help Desk is open.


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