Email support and new email group requests

What is it?

Google Mail (Gmail) is Mount Holyoke College’s official email app and offers a full range of email features, including organizing emails with multiple labels, creating filters for automatic email handling, creating individual contact groups and flagging emails in a variety of ways for follow-up.

Our Google G-Suite for Education service provides you with an email address with Google’s many useful features. We recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with Google Mail’s useful features by reviewing the Google Mail Help Center.


Who can use it?

  • MHC students, faculty, and staff
  • MHC emeritus and retired faculty
  • MHC affiliates
  • Dual-enrollment high school students
  • MHC alums


How do I get it?

Eligible people receive access to their MHC email when their MHC account is provided to them.

Need MHC email support? Use the "Get email help" button on this page. 

Want an email group? Learn more about email groups



Email is available 24/7.

Tech support for email questions is available when the Technology Help Desk is open.


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Fri 1/19/24 2:19 PM

Service Offerings (2)

Email support
LITS can help you troubleshoot email issues.
Email group requests
Email groups allow users to send messages to and share files with multiple users at once based on group membership. Users can create their own email groups or request LITS to create groups for them.