When should I be connected to the VPN?


The MHC VPN allows us to connect to the MHC network from home (or while traveling) safely and securely in order to access campus resources.

VPN is only required if you're off-campus and trying to use an on-campus restricted software, library resource, or while connecting remotely to a campus computer.

Common scenarios when VPN is and isn't needed

Should you connect to VPN when doing the following activities off campus?

Scenario Do you need VPN?
Accessing your MHC Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Moodle, Zoom, etc from off campus NO, but it is recommended if you're on public WiFi
Accessing files on the campus MHCDrive file server from off campus YES
Remote access to your MHC office computer from off campus YES
Making calls using the Avaya Workplace Softphone Application from off campus YES
Accessing library research databases: SOMETIMES

Which campus services require VPN?

  • MHCDrive
  • Avaya Workplace Softphone App
  • Connection to the Avaya Self-Administration portal
  • Academic Software: Some campus software titles use a license server to run. If you have software installed on your computer that must access an on-campus license server, a VPN connection is required to successfully connect.
  • EMS (full client)
  • Remote Desktop from a home computer to a campus computer
  • Windows Remote Desktop to computers behind the firewall
  • Colleague
  • Business Objects
  • Informer
  • Lawson
  • OnBase
  • PowerFAIDS
  • Titanium
  • ARMS (full client)
  • Controller file server
  • SSH access to campus information systems
  • Printing to on-campus printers
  • Keyserver for software location maps
  • Webshell / legacy password management system


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