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Alums have access to different services than current MHC students do. If you are a student approaching graduation, review this article to prepare for your tech transition to life as an alum.  

Can I continue to use my MHC email and other Google services after graduation?

Yes, though it must be logged into at least once every 180 days and abide by the College’s acceptable use policies. As long as your MHC Account remains active, you will be able to access your Google Drive. 

Read the MHC Accounts for alums article for more information about keeping your MHC Account active and a few additional alum services post-graduation.

What will happen with my access to other MHC services and systems?

Alums lose access to all services not listed in the "What's included?" section of the MHC Accounts for alums article. 

List of services not available to alums

What do I need to do?

In order to prepare for transition, LITS recommends taking the following actions:

Save Adobe Creative Cloud files
Export your Commons Wordpress website 
Save Microsoft 365 files
Save Moodle course files from your last semester
What if I still have money in my MHCXpress account?

When will my access change?

Access usually changes within a few weeks of Commencement when the College moves your record to "alum" status.

If you graduate at a different time of year, your record may be moved to alum status at a different time. The Registrar's Office will know when your record will be moved to alum status.

Graduation timing Move to alum status
May Sometime in June
December Sometime in March
Something else Check with the Registrar's Office

Need support?

Reach out to the LITS Technology Help Desk via our General Support / Get Help form with any questions you have. We're here to help!

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