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An introduction to 2-step verification and instructions for enrolling your MHC Account in Google 2-step verification.
Forgotten your Mount Holyoke College Account password, or just need to reset it? Resetting your MHC Account password using the instructions below will change your password for Google Mail and Apps, Moodle, my.mtholyoke and all services that require MHC credentials.
Log in instructions for MHC Google accounts.
Learn how your access to MHC systems and services will change when you become an alum - and how to prepare!
Instructions for setting up the option to "send as" a different email address from your Gmail inbox. Useful for sending as a Google group!
What to do if you can't log into your MHC Google account because you don't have access to your 2-step verification methods.
This article covers answers to common questions about alum email forwarding
A description of what Phishing is and how to report it at MHC.
Instructions for marking unwanted junk email as spam.
Instructions for removing a delegated account from your Gmail account.
Instructions for adding and removing people from a Google group. You must be a group owner or manager to manage group membership for a Google group.
Make sure that MHC has your most up-to-date personal email address to support the password reset process.
How to activate Virtru for encrypting emails that contain sensitive information.
Instructions for forwarding voicemails from your campus telephone to your MHC email inbox.