Guest WiFi support

What is it?

MHC-Public is an alternative WiFi network on campus for guests to connect to the internet.  This WiFi also can accommodate devices that don’t have a web browser or can’t use the 802.1x protocol required by eduroam.


Who can use it?

  • Guests who are unaffiliated with an eduroam institution
  • MHC community members who need to connect wireless devices that don't have a browser (ex. tv, Roku, printer, game console, etc.)


How do I get it?

Instructions for connecting to the guest WiFi

Use the "Report Guest WiFi issue" button on this page to submit a ticket about any Guest WiFi connection issues you may be experiencing.



MHC-Public is available 24/7.

Tech support is available when the Technology Help Desk is open.


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Get guest WiFi help

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Instructions for connecting to the guest WiFi network MHC-Public.


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