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Services or Offerings?
Information about borrowing and renewing library materials from the MHC and Five College collections.

Learn about MHC email powered by Google.

Not sure where to start or just need some general help? Use this service to connect with LITS staff to get your questions answered.

MHC-Public is an alternative WiFi network on campus for guests to connect to the internet.

MHC offers a legacy service for alums to have an email address that forwards to a personal email address of their choice. This service is still in operation as a legacy service for alums that previously signed up to participate, but is not accepting new users.

Password resets, logging in, 2-step/Duo verification support, etc.

If your OneCard is lost or damaged, it can be replaced. Additionally, the OneCard office provides large quantities of OneCards for large campus events like reunions, prospective student weekends, and conferences.