Request faculty/staff computers

What is it?

All LITS-funded and -issued faculty and staff computers are replaced on a 4 – 5 year rotation plan according to our employee computer policy. Each year, LITS purchases standard supported desktop and laptop hardware to replace computers that have reached the end of their rotation time on campus.

Please review the employee computer policy for additional details about nonstandard computer requests, including requests for additional machines, machines that differ from our standard computer models, and those funded via research, grant, and/or departmental funds. 


Who can use it?

MHC faculty & staff


How do I get it?

Request a computer:

Once the computer is ready:

  • Employees who work on campus and requested a laptop computer will be invited to schedule an appointment with Technology Help Desk staff to pick up the computer and do a brief orientation.
  • Employees who work on campus and requested a desktop computer will be contacted to schedule a time for the computer to be delivered and installed in their office.
  • Remote employees will be contacted to coordinate shipping the computer to their remote office. 



Requests are processed during regular business hours when the College is open. 


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