Why was my OneCard photo upload declined?

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Not sure why your OneCard photo wasn't approved even after you reviewed the photo upload requirements? Read the list of possible reasons below. Then please resubmit a new photo. If you have any questions or concerns regarding why your photo was declined, please contact the Technology Help Desk

Possible reasons for declined photos


  • Photo is underexposed or overexposed 
  • Color balance is off - does not accurately reflect colors of the subject’s features
  • Shadows on the face or background 

Size and position (framing) 

  • Subject is too close or too far from the camera 
  • Subject’s full head is not in the photo 
  • Subject is not centered properly 

Resolution and quality 

  • Photo is blurry or grainy 

Digital alterations and retouching

  • Background is cropped out using a photo retouching tool, altering the outline of the head, face, and neck
  • Image is filtered or otherwise edited 
  • Image has "red eye" 

Attire, hats, and hair 

  • Clothing is obscuring part of the subject’s face (hat, sunglasses, etc.)  
  • Hair is obscuring part of the subject’s face 


  • Subject does not have a neutral background
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