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How to add money to your OneCard

MHC students and their family members can use these instructions to add money to the MHCXpress account on student OneCards.

How to check your OneCard account balances and review transactions

Use these instructions to see how much money is in your MHCXpress account, how many Dining Dollars you have left, and review past transactions.

How to upload a OneCard photo

Use these instructions to upload a new OneCard photo.

OneCard photo upload requirements

Make sure your OneCard photo meets these requirements before uploading.

What happens to my OneCard balance at the end of the year/when I graduate?

What happens to money on your OneCard at the end of the semester, end of the year, and when you graduate?

What to do after your Five College Meal Exchange request is approved

Instructions for students participating in the Five College Meal Exchange program after receiving word that your request has been approved.

Why was my OneCard photo upload declined?

Possible reasons a OneCard photo might not be approved.