Getting started with Zoom


As the primary video conferencing option for the campus community, Zoom:

  • requires an internet or phone connection, computer, webcam and speakers/microphone or headset;
  • works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, iOS and Android;
  • provides excellent video and audio quality, even over long distances, with extremely high stability and reliability;
  • is designed to be intuitive, so users can be self-sufficient once they are familiar with its use;
  • works well for one-on-one or multi-person meetings, up to 300 participants with unlimited time;
  • allows for screen-sharing, recording from a webcam and hosting webinars; and
  • does not require that participants other than the host have a Zoom account.

Download the Zoom app

You do not need to install the Zoom app to access your Zoom account, schedule, or join meetings. These features are all available when you log into your Zoom account at in a web browser. However, if you prefer to use the app, it is available on Windows and Mac computers as well as on mobile devices, and can be downloaded from the Zoom download center. Or, if you’re using an MHC-owned Mac computer, you can download Zoom from the Self Service application.

Log in to Zoom

No need to create an account - Your Zoom account is already set up with your email address!  Follow the instructions below to log in and get started. 

For the smoothest first time login experience, we recommend logging out of any Google accounts that you're logged into in your browser besides your MHC Google account. Should you see any unexpected errors, please contact the Technology Help Desk with a screenshot.

Sign in on the Zoom computer app:

  1. Launch the Zoom desktop application
  2. Select SSO 

screenshot of the zoom desktop client login screen with the sso box outlined in red

  1. Enter mtholyoke as the company domain and choose Continue
  2. Log into your MHC Google account or if you're already logged in select your MHC Google account when prompted 
  3. Choose Open to complete logging in

Sign in at

  1. In a web browser go to
  2. Choose Sign In at the top right corner
  3. Sign in to your MHC Google account using your MHC email address and password

Sign in on the Zoom mobile app:

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app
  2. Choose Sign in
  3. Choose Continue with SSO
  4. Enter mtholyoke as the company domain and choose Continue
  5. Log into your MHC Google account or if you're already logged in select your MHC Google account when prompted 
  6. Choose Launch Zoom
  7. If prompted, choose OK

Customize your Zoom profile

How to use Zoom

Scheduling Zoom meetings

Joining Zoom meetings

Invite people to Zoom meetings

Features & settings adjustments while setting up the meeting

Features & settings adjustments during the meeting

Security recommendations

One of the most important steps you can take to stay secure on Zoom is to keep Zoom up-to-date This Zoom page provides guidance about how to check for available updates.  If prompted by Zoom to run an update, please do so. 

If your Zoom meeting is going to be open to the public and widely shared, here are some settings to improve the security of your session. 

  • If you don’t want your participants to be able to share their screen, select Host only under Screen sharing

  • If you want more control over who is allowed to join your meeting,

    • For all meetings:

      • Turn on Only authenticated users can join meetings in your Zoom settings

    • To turn on this setting for a specific meeting: 

      1. Open Zoom and choose Schedule 

      2. Once you’ve entered the details of your meeting, open Advanced options

      3. Check the box Only authenticated users can join

      4. Choose whether you’re requiring a Zoom login, a MHC login, or a 5College login from the dropdown menu.

      5. Click Schedule

Accessibility recommendations

Although Zoom is a very advanced video conference system as regards accessibility, some users may still need alternatives to fully participate in Zoom activities. Each meeting organizer or their designee is responsible for providing accommodations for Zoom users with disabilities. 


  • Place a standard statement in every meeting invite, such as: “Although Zoom is a very advanced video conference system as regards accessibility, some users may still need alternatives to fully participate in Zoom activities. If you need an accommodation, please inform your meeting organizer as soon as possible.” Include the meeting organizer’s contact information.

  • Place the Zoom accessibility features statement in every meeting invite.

  • Share link to Zoom keyboard short cuts and Help Center when sending Zoom meeting invite or upon request.

  • Sharing screen content: Incorporate description of shared content into the spoken presentation. Provide another means to access content and URLs shared on screen, such as posting an accessible presentation after the session.

  • Annotation: Verbally describe the drawing or other visuals shown.

  • Record meeting for distribution (create video) and captioning: Captions are required if the video will be publicly available, used in a future term for a course or if class or meeting participants need this accommodation. For course accommodations, please contact Disability Services. For other captioning needs, please contact Media Services.

  • Conducting a poll: Offer multiple response methods, e.g. participate in poll, type response in chat room, or speak over audio/telephone.

  • Chat room content: Include chat room discussion in verbal meeting discussion. This benefits participants using telephone connections, who have no access to chat rooms, or participants using captions or who have difficulty attending to presenter and chat simultaneously. Save and share chat transcript: At the bottom of the chat window, click on “save chat.” Chat saves as transcript in notepad under Zoom folder. As host, distribute transcript to participants. Stay on chat for a few minutes after session ends for those who may want to save the chat.

  • Breakout Rooms: Accessibility actions apply to breakout rooms. To use breakout rooms, enable the setting in advanced features.

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