How to enroll your MHC Account in Duo multi-factor authentication and set up the Duo Mobile app


This article explains how to set up Duo multi-factor authentication for new users with the Duo Mobile app.



This article explains how to set up Duo 2-step verification for new users. This process requires a web browser and a smart phone, and you will switch between the two devices during set up.


On your phone

  1. If you don't already have the Duo Mobile app, download it in Google Play or from the Apple App Store

Duo app preview in app stores

  1. Open the Duo app on your phone when it has finished installing and choose Set up account
  2. On the "Link your account" screen, select Use QR code to connect your Mount Holyoke account to the Duo Mobile app
  3. Your device may ask you to allow Duo to use the camera; Allow camera usage 
  4. Then, open your web browser of choice, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

In your browser

  1. Navigate to or an MHC system that authenticates with Duo 2-step verification (ex. Workday) 
  2. Choose Log in to set up or verify Duo
  3. Enter your MHC username and password on the blue and white MHC login screen
  4. Choose Next on the welcome message from Duo
  5. Choose Next again after reading the informational prompts
  6. When the "Select an option" screen appears, choose Duo Mobile

Duo enrollment select an option screen with Duo Mobile selected

  1. Enter your mobile phone number

Duo enrollment screen with a field for entering your cell phone number

  1. Confirm that it has been entered correctly (or make corrections) when prompted
  2. Your browser will now ask you to download the Duo Mobile app, which you've already done!
  3. Choose Next in your computer's web browser
  4. Your browser will now show a QR code like the example below. The QR code you are shown is unique to you. Do not share it with others.

Duo enrollment QR code - This is an example only

Return to your phone

  1. Hold your phone up to the screen and use the camera to scan the QR code displayed in your browser window. You will receive a confirmation message in your browser window once you've scanned the code.
  1. On the “Name Account” screen, keep all the default settings and Save.

Use your computer and Duo mobile app on your phone at the same time

  1. Choose Continue in your computer’s web browser to log in with Duo for the first time.
  2. In your browser, Duo will show a one-time verification code like the example below. At the same time, the Duo Mobile app on your phone will ask you to enter the verification code displayed in your browser. Type the code you are provided into Duo Mobile on your phone and choose Verify.

Duo enrollment code screen on the browser - this is an example only

Duo enrollment code entry screen on your phone

  1. Once you have typed the code into your phone and received a verification message, there are no more steps to complete on your mobile device. You may close the app and set your phone aside.
  2. Your browser may now ask you if you would like Duo to remember this device. 
    • If you are the only user of that computer, select “Yes, this is my device.”
    • If the device is shared (for example, a computer used by everyone in your family, or a shared work computer in your department) select “No, other people use this device.”

Duo enrollment "is this your device" screen that will show in the browser

  1. You will see a success message and will be redirected to the system you were logging into.




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