Understand multi-factor authentication at MHC


Mount Holyoke College uses several multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems to protect MHC Accounts: Google 2-step verification and Duo MFA.

This article provides an introduction to MFA and directs users to resources for using Google 2-step and Duo MFA at MHC. 

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also called two factor, 2Step, or 2-step verification, is an important tool for keeping your online accounts secure. With multi-factor authentication enabled, logging into an online account becomes a multi-step process. You’ll need BOTH something you know (your username and password) AND access to something you have (ex. your phone) to log into an online account that is secured with multi-factor authentication. 

There are lots of ways that you can complete your second step: 

  • Receive a one-time code via text, phone call, email, or third party app
  • Enter a one-time code from a list you have pre-printed
  • Insert a USB device

How does it protect your data?

If your password gets leaked or stolen, bad actors will try to use it to take over control of your account. However, if you have multi-factor authentication enabled they’ll hit a wall because they won’t have access to your other verification methods. 

Google 2-step verification @ MHC

All MHC Google accounts are required to be enrolled in Google 2-step verification. Get started with our Google 2-step enrollment instructions.


Other systems at MHC (like Workday) use Duo MFA as their multi-factor authentication system. Get started with our Duo enrollment instructions.

Need help with MFA?

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