Alternate Duo verification method request (hardware token / SMS)

What is it?

Duo 2-step verification is a multi-factor authentication tool used by MHC systems that leverages a mobile app to be the "second step" when you're logging in. Users who are not able to use the Duo app may request an alternate method of completing Duo 2-step verification.

Alternate methods include:

  • SMS codes (students)
  • Duo hardware tokens (faculty/staff)

duo hardware token

Who can use it?

MHC faculty or staff who need an alternative authentication device to their personal phone can request a hardware token.

Students who need an alternative authentication method can request to use SMS-delivered codes instead of the Duo mobile app.

How do I get it?

  1. Please visit and select Log in to set up or verify Duo and log in on the blue and white MHC login screen as you would normally. 
  2. After you enter your credentials, your account has been created in Duo. Do not proceed with NEXT, close the window and you can submit this form to request a hardware token
  3. Use the "Request alternate Duo method" button on this page.



Requests are processed during regular business hours when the College is open.


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