Google Drive

What is it?

Google Drive is the primary file storage space for the MHC community. 

Google Drive allows you to share files, work on files simultaneously with others, revert to earlier versions of a file and access your files from any internet-connected computer or device.

You can use Google Drive as your primary storage location or back up files there from other locations for safekeeping. Review LITS's file storage guidlines for guidance on what kinds of information are appropriate to store on Google Drive.

Files can be created and stored in Google’s native file formats (such as Docs, Sheets and Slides) or in other formats (such as Microsoft docx or xlsx files or PDFs). Learn more about Google Drive by reviewing the Google Drive Help Center.


Who can use it?

Anyone with an MHC Google account


How do I get it?

Log into your MHC Google account at




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Get help with Google Drive

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