How to back up your files to Google Drive (Mac & PC)


All files stored on your computer should be saved in another secure location! Backing up your data is your responsibility. While there are many backup storage locations available, in most cases LITS recommends using Google Drive, an MHC supported resource. For full guidance on how to choose backup storage locations please review our File Storage Guidelines

We recommend booking time on your calendar to back up your files at least monthly. Ask yourself "What am I willing to lose today if my hard-drive crashes?" If you aren't willing to lose anything, then you should be creating and managing your documents somewhere that is automatically backed up like Google Drive and NOT on your computer hard drive.  

Back up your files in Google Drive

  1. Create a backup folder in your Google Drive with a logical name, ex. PCBackup2023
    • We don't suggest you create a new backup folder every month, instead replace folders or individual documents
    • During the back up process, plug your computer into power and Ethernet and leave it on
  2. Find the files that you want to back up:
    • On a Windows computer, your files are located under C:\Users\USERNAME\, where USERNAME is your MHC username.
      • This includes your Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Desktop, Music, and Video folders
    • On a macOS computer, your files are located under Finder > Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > Users > USERNAME, where USERNAME is your MHC username.
      • This includes your Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Desktop, Music folders and more
  3. Remove unnecessary/duplicate items from your Downloads and empty your Trash folder
  4. Use the Folder Upload command in Google Drive to copy the desired PC folders to your newly created Google Drive backup folder
    • We recommend uploading batches of files/folders at a time, so that each upload is faster and you can more easily confirm that everything is successfully uploaded

Please note that the upload process could take several hours, dependent upon the amount of data on the computer and the speed of your Internet connection. The average office computer, however, should expect less than an hour for backup.  

Back up your browser bookmarks

Follow the instructions on How to Backup Browser Bookmarks. It includes information for both Mac and PC machines.

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