Communication & Collaboration Tools

Email, calendaring, video conferencing, campus telephones, data storage, and more.

Categories (3)

Campus Telephones

Desk phones, voicemail, phone configuration, call forwarding and phone groups, assigning phone numbers, Avaya softphone app.

Services (7)

MHC Account access support

Password resets, logging in, 2-step/Duo verification support, etc.

MHC brand font requests

Request the official College font for use in print materials. It is not needed for the College website and is not available to be used in Google Docs/Sheets/Slides etc.

MHC brand logo requests

All official forms of communication should distinctly display the Mount Holyoke logo.

MHC Events Calendar information

College events are listed on the MHC events calendar.

MHC Website update requests

Request changes to the main Mount Holyoke College website (

Secure email support

MHC's email encryption tool to protect sensitive emails and attachments

Video conferencing support and requests

Zoom, Google Meet, ZoomHealthCare, etc