How to enroll your MHC Account in Duo MFA


This article explains how to set up Duo multi-factor authentication using the Duo Mobile app and Duo Push notifications. This process requires a web browser and a smart phone on separate devices, and you will switch between the two devices during set up. 

How to enroll

It is important to follow the instructions exactly and finish them all in one sitting. 

If you deviate or stop partway through, you will hit a wall where Duo asks you for a Bypass code. If this happens for you, please create an MHC Account access support ticket.  

1. Get the Duo Mobile app on your phone
2. Create your MHC Duo account 
3. Link your phone to your MHC Duo account for Duo Push
4. Finish up by completing your first Duo verification

Need help?

Create an MHC Account access support ticket to get support from the LITS Technology Help Desk.  

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