Student printing support

What is it?

Print from personal computers or campus lab computers to the multi-function devices (MFDs) across campus.

Release a print job by tapping and holding your OneCard at the public MFD of your choice for 5 or more seconds.

Students are given $20 in free printing per semester on their OneCards, in the form of “LITS Lyra.” If you use all $20 of free printing before the end of the semester, additional print jobs will be charged to your MHCXpress account. Learn more about printing costs and how to add more printing money to your OneCard.


Who can use it?

  • MHC undergraduate students
  • MHC PaGE students
  • Five College students enrolled in an MHC course 
  • Dual-enrollment high school students enrolled in an MHC course


How do I get it?

Send print jobs:

  • Set up Mobility Print to print from a personal computer or mobile device
  • Print from a campus lab computer

Release print jobs:

  • Print jobs can be released from MFDs in any of the public printer locations 
  • Tap and hold your OneCard at the public MFD of your choice for 5 or more seconds until your print jobs display
  • Select the document(s) you want to print and choose print (or choose print all to print everything in your queue)

Printing money:



Print jobs can be sent to the student print queue 24/7. 

Print jobs can be released 24/7 from the MFD in Auxiliary Services. Other MFDs are available when the building they are in is open. View all public printer locations.

Refunds are processed during regular business hours when the College is open.


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