Avaya Softphone application FAQs

FAQ Overview

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Avaya Softphone application. 

Off-campus access

Will the Avaya softphone app function off-campus?

Yes, but there are a few requirements.

  • You must have the Avaya IX Workplace software installed on a computer at your home, whether it is a MHC-owned laptop or a personal device. Request installation instructions on this page
  • You must have a reliable Internet connection. 
  • You must connect to the MHC network with VPN
  • You will need a computer that has a mic and speakers or an external headset. 
  • Not for use on Chromebooks. 

I have the Avaya softphone app installed on my MHC office computer. Can I remote to it from home and use it?

No. Sound will not work over a Remote Desktop connection from your home computer to your work computer.

Logging in

When I go to use the Avaya softphone app it is asking for a password. I put in my voicemail password but it still isn’t working?

The Avaya softphone app password is different from your voicemail password. To create or reset your myPhone self-admin and Avaya softphone password, please contact the Technology Help Desk

When I use the Avaya softphone app, I get an error that says “Phone service problem: An authentication error has occurred, the username or password may be incorrect”

Typically this means you're not connected to the MHC network. If you are off-campus, you will need to connect via VPN before using the Avaya softphone application.

Alternately, you may have tried to log in with a campus hunt group extension (a shared number that rings at several campus telephones in your office). You'll need to log in with your individually-assigned extension and your Avaya self-administration password. 

Call quality

I am experiencing bad phone calls, what could be the cause?

Contact the Technology Help Desk with a detailed description of the problem you’re encountering, including your name and extension. We are happy to help identify and resolve the issue. 

My speakers do not ring when receiving a phone call, why?

First, verify that they are not muted and that the volume is turned up. Secondly, if using a headset, check that the setting option in the application for ringing a secondary device is enabled and set to your computer speakers. If neither of these options solve the problem for you, please contact the Technology Help Desk

Using the application

Do I need to log into my computer to make or receive a call?

Yes. You must be logged in with the softphone app running, though it can be minimized.

How do I make a call?

Type names or numbers to dial into the “name or number” bar. Typing letters searches your contacts. Off-campus calls can be dialed with or without the outside-line access code ‘9’.

Where is the dial pad?

Next to the “name or number” box is a dial-pad button. It can be used for in-call dialing, though the numeric keypad works great too.


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