Instructions for resetting your MHC Account password, logging in, 2-step verification, and more.

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Pinned Article How to reset your MHC Account password

Forgotten your Mount Holyoke College Account password, or just need to reset it? Resetting your MHC Account password using the instructions below will change your password for Google Mail and Apps, Moodle, my.mtholyoke and all services that require MHC credentials.

How to complete Duo authentication via SMS text message

Instructions for students who have requested to complete Duo multi-factor authentication via SMS text message.

How to enroll your MHC Account in Duo multi-factor authentication and set up the Duo Mobile app

This article explains how to set up Duo multi-factor authentication for new users with the Duo Mobile app.

How to enroll your MHC Account in Google 2-step verification

An introduction to 2-step verification and instructions for enrolling your MHC Account in Google 2-step verification.

How to log into your College-owned Windows computer off-campus after changing your MHC Account password

What to do if you find you can't log into your College-owned Windows computer from off-campus.

How to manage devices for Duo multi-factor authentication

Instructions for users who need to manage their Duo-enabled devices.

How to update your MHC Account recovery email address

Make sure that MHC has your most up-to-date personal email address to support the password reset process.

I can't access my MHC Google account because of Google 2-step verification

What to do if you can't log into your MHC Google account because you don't have access to your 2-step verification methods.

Resolution for MHC password reset forms not loading for Avast users

Add my.mtholyoke Self Service pages as an exception in Avast! antivirus.