Campus telephone setup requests

What is it?

MHC provides campus telephones to faculty and staff who need them to complete their work. LITS staff administer the phone system and configure and install phones. 

Supervisors should submit a request from this service in the following circumstances:

  • You've hired a new employee whose office is already set up with a phone, and you need it and the extension to be reassigned to them from a previous employee
  • You've hired a new employee whose office does not have a phone in it, and you'd like a new phone and/or extension to be provided for them
  • Someone on your team needs to be given a different extension than what they currently have
  • You or one of your employees has an analog phone that is not working and needs to be replaced with a VOIP phone


Who can use it?

  • MHC staff supervisors on behalf of their employees/reports
  • Academic department coordinators on behalf of faculty in their department


How do I get it?

Request new phone setup or phone reassignment using the "Request New or Reassigned Phone" button on this page.



Phone reassignment and setup requests are processed during regular business hours when the College is open.


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