How to set up your MHC voicemail


Follow the instructions below when you're setting up your MHC voicemail for the first time or after a voicemail password reset.

Set your voicemail password

  1. If calling from an MHC campus phone or softphone, dial *17
  2. If calling from an external phone, dial 413-538-2660 then choose 1 if you're trying to access an individual faculty/staff inbox or 3 if you're trying to access a department's inbox 
  3. Enter your extension number and the # sign (If calling from your extension, just press #)
  4. When prompted for your password press # only, as you do not yet have a password (or your password was just reset)
  5. Next, you will be prompted to enter a new password, which must be at least 6-digits
  6. Enter your new password and # sign
  7. You will be prompted to re-enter your new password and # sign
  8. Next you will be prompted to record your name (only on new voicemail setups not after password resets)

Record your name

  1. Press 1 to record your full name
  2. Record your name then press 1
  3. Press 23 to listen to your name
  4. Press 21 to re-record if necessary
  5. Press *# to approve your name


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