Information Security

Articles related to information security, including data handling procedures, dealing with phishing and spam, multi-factor authentication, etc.

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Data Handling Procedures

Guidance on operationalizing the College's data classification policy with regards to collecting, storing, sharing, and disposing of data.

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How to enroll your MHC Account in Duo MFA

This article explains how to set up Duo multi-factor authentication for new users with the preferred Duo verification method: The Duo Mobile app with Duo Push notifications.

How to enroll your MHC Account in Google 2-step verification

An introduction to 2-step verification and instructions for enrolling your MHC Account in Google 2-step verification.

How to get your Bitlocker Recovery Key and regain access to your computer

Instructions for users having challenges with BitLocker on their Windows computers.

How to report Phishing messages to the Technology Help Desk

A description of what Phishing is and how to report it at MHC.

How to report SPAM in Gmail

Description of what SPAM is and how to report it.

I can't access my MHC Google account because of Google 2-step verification

What to do if you can't log into your MHC Google account because you don't have access to your 2-step verification methods.

Understand Microsoft Office macros security

About macro security in Microsoft Office apps