A multi-purpose photo ID card issued to all incoming students, faculty, staff, and eligible community members.

Services (5)

OneCard funds

In addition to providing access to campus buildings, MHC OneCards also have debit functions including: dining dollars, printing money, and the MHCXpress account.

OneCard prints & replacements

If your OneCard is lost or damaged, it can be replaced. Additionally, the OneCard office provides large quantities of OneCards for large campus events like reunions, prospective student weekends, and conferences.

Building/door access

Among other things, your OneCard provides access to the residence halls, academic, and administrative buildings on campus that are appropriate for you to be able to access. Additional access, changes to building's open hours, and access help can be requested here.

OneCard photo upload

Mount Holyoke College’s photo upload tool gives you the power to upload your own OneCard picture.

Five College Meal Exchange

In support of Five College academic opportunities, a dining meal exchange is available for students enrolled in a meal plan at any one of the Five Colleges.